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How To Pick The Right Size For Your Portrait: Our Official Size Guide

How To Pick The Perfect Size For Your Portrait: Our Official Size Guid

If you are struggling with choosing a portrait size, don't worry: we're here to help!

Choosing a size is one of the most common questions we get, so we’ve put together this handy size guide to walk you through the considerations.

At Grace Portraits, we offer three standard portrait sizes: Small ($300), Medium ($500), and Large ($700) as well as custom orders to fit your budget and photo considerations.

Small, Medium, and Large Portrait Sizes and Prices

The first step to ordering any custom piece of art is determining your aim and priorities. First, ask yourself what's more important to you: the cost of the portrait or the subject matter?

The number of subjects and composition of your photo dictates your portrait size options. If cost is your primary consideration for your portrait, then start with the size that works in your budget and select a photo that follows the below guidelines.

Small, Medium, and Large Frames number of subjects recommendation

Each portrait size holds a different maximum number of subjects. At Grace Portraits, we define subjects as people or pets. The number of subjects that you wish to have in your portrait is the primary determinate of your portrait size options.

A Small (11x14) portrait can fit a maximum of two subjects; a Medium (16x20) portrait can fit a maximum of three subjects; and a Large (18x24) can fit a maximum of four subjects.Our custom sizes can be ordered to fit more than four subjects.

Each face in your cropped photo must be at least 2.5 inches, when the photo is enlarged to the portrait's drawing dimensions, in order for us to be able to draw it.

Buildings or other large subject matter should usually be the singular focus of a portrait, and the size will depend on the composition of the photo as well.

Small Portrait

11" x 14" - $300.00

Small Portrait Dimensions: Drawing: 8" x 10" With Mat: 11" x 14"

Perfect for: A statement piece on a bookshelf, bedside table or mantlepiece.

The Small portrait is one of our most popular sizes of portraits. With its mat, a Small portrait is 11x14 and its drawing dimensions are 8x10, or about the size of a standard piece of printer paper.

This size is recommended for a maximum of two subjects (people, pets, etc.) or for a small building. For a small portrait, we generally need to zoom in and crop the photo close to the faces or primary subject matter, although as long as the faces are larger than 2.5 inches, we can often include a bit of the body or surrounding details.

Additionally, because each subject's face must be at least 2.5 inches, to fit two faces into a small portrait, the faces must be close together. Occasionally we can squeeze in an additional furry friend or a small child to a small portrait on a case by case basis.

Medium Portrait

16 x 20" - $500.00

Medium Portrait Dimensions: Drawing: 11" x 14" With Mat: 16" x 20"

Perfect for: Hanging in a hallway gallery, sitting on the mantlepiece, or as a smaller stand-alone piece on the wall.

I love all of our portrait sizes, but the Medium portrait is a personal favorite. Matted, the Medium portrait is 16x20 and its drawing dimensions are 11x14. This size fits up to three subjects and allows for an incredible depth of details in each facial expression, while still looking adorably stylish in a frame or on a mantlepiece.

Depending on the number of subjects in the chosen photo, a Medium generally allows more flexibility with cropping options and added space to include more of the bodies or background.

Large Portrait

(18x24) - $700.00

Large Portrait Dimensions: Drawing: 12" x 18" With Mat: 18" x 24"

Perfect for: Hanging above the couch, over the fireplace, or as a main dining room feature piece.

Large portraits are a very popular choice amongst our customers, because they can often fit the whole family. In its mat, the Large portrait is a whopping 18"x24" and its drawing dimensions are 12"x18". This size fits up to four subjects (five if the subjects are small children or pets) and is truly the Cadillac of our portrait size options.

The Large portrait allows for maximum flexibility in the composition of the piece and the size and position of each subject. The larger size also allows our portraits artists to include intricate details from the photo that they may not have been able to fit in the smaller sizes.

Custom Portrait


Perfect for: A large family portrait as a feature piece on any wall in your home.

If you would like your custom portrait to fit more than four people or to be larger than 18"x24", you can order a Custom portrait size. Our Custom size portraits are exactly that - customizable to whatever size you're looking for, and priced out accordingly. Starting at $800.00, Custom size portraits can fit as many people as you like (add $100.00 for every additional subject) and are a great option for bigger families.

One of the best things about personalized portraits is that they are largely customizable to fit your style and preferences. If you're looking to get some inspiration for your next portrait, read our 5 Favorite Portraits and the Stories Behind Them post.

For a limited time, sign up for a free photo consultation and we'll give you our professional size and photo recommendations.

Did you find this article helpful? Let us know in the comments. Sign up now for a free photo consultation, and we'll give you our professional size recommendation.

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