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Guest Post by Portrait Artist Nan LaCaille - Grace Portraits: A Personal Touch

Author & Artist: Nan LaCaille

Lately, I notice a lot of online portrait artist sites popping up. These range from individuals with a particular style to a collection of artists offering a variety of mediums. Sometimes I recognize fellow artists from Etsy out there. I realize it is good to participate and be seen in multiple places. Not everyone is keen on weeding through the offerings of a craft site. People on Upwork, for example, describe what they are looking for and then wait for artists to send competing proposals. This can be time consuming and overwhelming for both sides, constantly choosing and waiting to be chosen.

Then there is Grace Portraits supporting an American artist network that strives to create a similar desired outcome in graphite. This site with its simplicity, clarity, and small family business warmth grabs my attention the most. So much so that I applied to be part of the team. What luck that they would have me! Now I can tell you even more beyond my first impression.

Liz and Noelle personally supply the images I create drawings from and with eagle eyes guide me towards the best possible result. It is obvious from the quality of the photos delivered that a lot of work goes into the portrait even before pencil meets paper. I have to say that through my Etsy shop I am used to working with blurred pictures, old photos, merged images, poor lighting, and bad hair days. When I receive the email from these lovely ladies, I am rest assured something beautiful is a click away. The best portraits begin with the best possible picture. Enough said.

Let me share the portraits I take pleasure in bringing to life.

Portrait 1

Portrait 2

Above is how the piece looks photographed when it leaves my hands.

Below is further improvement in-house.

Notice the gorgeous curls.

Portrait 3

Above again is the photograph of the drawing before shipped to Liz Grace.

Below we have the final adjustments for the perfect gift.

Portrait 4

Above is how the piece looks photograph here in my work space.

Below is the final touch-ups before the customer cherishes the art for life!

Well, there you have it, my little contribution so far.

If you like what you see or you want to see more, please visit Grace Portraits for the whole picture and witness the personal touch that I am talking about. Thanks for sharing this journey with me!



Want to learn more about Nan? Ask her questions or leave feedback in the comments below!

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