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Grace Portraits offsite team trip.
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Hi! I’m Liz Grace, the founder of Grace Portraits. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved to draw. Time just melts away when my pencil hits the paper. In 4th grade, I would be the kid to come to if you wanted to draw a horse for a school project and by high-school I had discovered my true love - portrait drawing.


About 5 years ago, one of my best friends asked me what I would do with the rest of my life if I could do anything. My answer came instantly - I would draw portraits! But then I realized it was more than that, I loved seeing how moved people were by portraits and I also wanted to empower other artists to pursue their dreams.


I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Finally, a number of years and lots of encouragement, from my husband, family, friends and even some of my clients, later; I quit my job at Morgan Stanley and returned to Stanford for Business School with the plan to start my portrait business.


My husband Cameron also quit his job at Google and we actually returned to Stanford together, where we had met as undergrads 10 years earlier. During Business School, we teamed up and in 2014 launched the portrait business - Grace Portraits.


It's all in the family

After our graduation from Stanford Business School and the expansion of Grace Portraits, Cameron’s sister Noelle joined the Grace Portraits team in June 2015. Cameron was offered a position at a promising technological start-up in San Francisco in August 2015 but still devotes many of his evenings and weekends to Grace Portraits. Currently Liz and Noelle run the day-to-day company operations as well as manage a network of extraordinarily talented portrait artists across the United States.


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