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Size & Ordering Process

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Size & Ordering Process

What are the different sizes & prices?

We have 3 standard sizes; Small (11” x 14” mat, 8” x 10” drawing) $300, Medium (16” x 20” mat, 11” x 14” drawing) $500, and Large (18” x 24” mat, 12” x 18” drawing) $700, as well as custom orders to fit your photo needs or budget. We put together our official size guide which you can see here to help guide you on selecting the right size.


Which size should I get?

We offer a free photo consultation and can suggest a size based on your photo. The composition and number of people in a photo determine your size options. However, if you are budget conscious, simply pick the portrait size which works with your price range and we can help you find a photo that will work for your desired size. Each size has a maximum limit of how many subjects will fit within that specific size. For example, a small portrait would not be able to fit a family of four because the dimensions will limit the amount of detail our artists can capture by pencil. If you are still not sure what size is right for you, you can always order a small and upgrade at a later point if you prefer a photo that works better for a larger size. Check out our size guide for more detailed information or reach out for a free consultation.

How many subjects / people can fit in each portrait size?

For small portraits we recommend a maximum of 2 people, for medium portraits we recommend a maximum of 3 people and for a large we can fit up to 4 people into a portrait. Occasionally we can squeeze an additional person, small child or pet into the portrait as well on a case by case basis depending on the composition of the photo. If you have a photo with 5 or more subjects, we recommend a custom size and charge an additional $100 per person.


What if I don’t know which size to order?

We’ll help you to decide! You can either start with a free consultation or simply order a small portrait and upgrade during the consultation process. Check out our size guide or click here for a free photo consultation.

Can I order a custom size?

Yes! We’ll accommodate any situation. Simply start a free consultation here and specify what you’re looking for and we will provide an estimate on price and delivery time. As a general rule of thumb, the maximum number of subjects we can fit into our largest standard size (18” x 24”) is 4 people, and we charge $100 per additional person. We also offer smaller pieces if for instance you want a small single face in an 8" x 10" format. All custom orders are priced by request so please contact us with any questions or start a free consultation.

How does the process work? What do I need to place an order?

All you need is 5 minutes and a credit card or PayPal account to place your order. Simply select the size you want and complete the checkout and you’ll be immediately directed to upload your photo and get your order processed. From there we will select your artist and consult with you on photo selection and the composition of the portrait. We also provide free photo consultations if you aren’t quite sure you’re ready to order! Click here to learn more about our process and how it works.

I’m not ready to get started, can I lock in a deal before making a purchase?
Yes! You can purchase a credit for any size portrait & add-ons and we will save your credit for whenever you are ready to get started. If you don’t have a photo or size in mind, no problem. Just order small and we can always upgrade you for the same discount at any point. From time to time we will have sales open to the public, but the quickest way to save and to be first to hear about exclusive offers is by signing up for our mailing list - just by signing up you’ll receive a 10% off credit. You can sign up here or at the bottom of this page.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes! You can purchase a credit for any size portrait & add-ons and we will provide an e-gift certificate that you can print and then we will work directly with the recipient on their portrait gift. A gift certificate is a great option if you want the recipient of your portrait to be able to select a photo to use for the portrait, or if you don’t have time to get a portrait done before your desired giving occasion, but want to have something to present to your loved one. Simply click the gift certificate option at checkout or click here.


What can I get drawn?

We can draw anything you’d like and have done all kinds of drawings for people in the past depending on what they’re looking for. We’ve drawn pets, people, couples, children, babies, buildings, sports pictures, celebrities, wedding dresses and more. The most important part of the process is selecting the right photo. We can help you select the right photo for your portrait or combine photos to make sure you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for. For guides on selecting the right photo for your portrait click here or get a free photo consultation.


Can I request an artist?

Yes! Generally we do the artist selection behind the scenes but if you know which artist you’d like to draw your artwork, you can request them to take on your specific project.

How does the drawing process work?

The drawing process has many pieces. We start by outlining the selected photo using a light box. From there we start by illustrating the eyes of the faces with a light pencil. After the main areas are filled in, we add detail with a darker pencil and build up our values. The white of the paper serves as the lightest point in the photograph and the darkest pencil, 9B, is used for the darkest point in the photograph. To learn more about our drawing process, read this article on our blog.

Do you do portraits in mediums other than pencil?

Although our specialty is pencil drawings, many of our artists are proficient in other mediums like paint, charcoal, and mixed media. If you have a special request, we can match up your needs with one of our artists who works in mediums outside of pencil.

Who are your artists?

Our artists are employed from all across the United States. Some of them live full time as artists and others draw for us on their nights and weekends. They are some of the most fascinating and talented people we know!

Size & Ordering Process

Official Size Guide





Photo Selection
Photo Selection

How does the photo selection process work?

We understand that selecting the right photo can be one of the most difficult parts of the process and we are here to help! After you have placed your order, we will have you upload or e-mail us 3-5 photos (ideally, but you can send us fewer, or even a full album if you want) and we will let you know which photos we think would work best for a portrait. We can also provide suggestions on the types of photos that work well for your particular occasion and recipient. We will guide you through every step of the process and we offer a free photo consultation you can start here as well.


When do I upload a photo?

You can start by uploading some photos and sending them to us before you even order or you can order your portrait first and you will be directed to upload your photo(s) upon completion of checkout.


What are the photo quality requirements?

There are no hard and fast rules on what is required for a photo to work for a portrait. Generally, we don’t require an extremely high resolution photo to begin your portrait, it just needs to have enough detail for our artists to capture the essence of the people in the photograph. In the past we have used photos from Facebook or other social media sites to create our custom portraits. If you are not sure if your desired photo will work for a portrait, simply fill out a photo consultation and we will let you know our thoughts!


Can you combine multiple photographs into one portrait?

Yes! Although we can’t guarantee it will always work to combine photos together, we have done it in the past and most of time we can combine photos to create the best custom portrait for your needs.


I don’t have access to the photo I want to use, do you have any recommendations?

It can be tricky sometimes to access the right photographs, especially when you’re ordering a portrait as a surprise gift to someone, but we have some tips and tricks we’ve used in the past. For instance, if you are ordering a wedding portrait for a friend, usually their engagement photos or wedding website will have something we can pull from. Additionally, Facebook is generally a good bet for photos. Feel free to reach out and we can try to help! Or, if you don’t think you will get access to any photos you would like to use, you can always purchase a gift certificate and have the recipient select the photo themselves.


Can I have the recipient select the photo?

Yes! You can always order a gift certificate for someone and have them finish the process with us!

Free Photo Consultation


Review & Approval
Review & Approval

Do I get to see the portrait and provide feedback before it ships?

Yes! We will send you a draft of the portrait once the artist has completed your piece, so that you have a chance to provide feedback and request any changes. We offer unlimited revisions and won’t ship your portrait until you are thrilled with the final product.


How long does it take?

Generally, we get your portrait to you or the recipient within 3 weeks or less from the time the final photograph is selected. Some circumstances may change that timeline. For example, we allow you to make the final call on the portrait and make unlimited revisions to your portrait. We won’t ship the portrait until you are thrilled with it, so depending on how long any revisions take, the delivery timeline may shift slightly. However, after you order your portrait we allow you to request a desired delivery date and we will do everything in our power to get you your portrait by that date. Rush delivery also available.

Do you do rush delivery? What is the fastest I can get a portrait?

Yes! We offer expedited deliveries for an additional charge which you can determine at checkout. Our standard shipping is 3-4 weeks after photo selection is finalized but we offer guaranteed delivery options for 2 or 3 weeks if you need it by a specific date. If it’s very last minute, the fastest we can turn around a portrait is 1 week if we can get the final photo selected same day.

How do you maintain the artistic quality of each piece?

We maintain quality of our pieces in two ways. First, we have a very stringent filter and work sample test for artists and only employ the most talented artists across the United States. We have our artists follow a consistent process with every piece to make sure that each portrait looks exactly like the photograph and subjects. This starts with the most important step of tracing the photograph using a professional light box to ensure that all of the proportions and features are exactly correct before shading and drawing in your piece. Second, Liz Grace, our founder and CEO of the company oversees every single portrait and will direct an artist to make important revisions to the piece, when required, before you even see the portrait. Once we think the portrait is good enough for you to review, we will send you a scan for your feedback and make unlimited revisions until it’s absolutely perfect in your eyes.

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Packaging & Shipping
Packaging & Shipping

What comes with the portrait?

All of our orders are matted and beautifully packaged and monogrammed by hand in our headquarters in San Francisco, CA. Inside the portrait packaging we include a packet with the artist’s information, a complimentary piece of stationery and print of your portrait. Aside from our custom packaging, we offer a few additional goodies you can see here, including framing and stationery. Simply select those options at checkout or click here.

What happens if I don’t like it? What about if the recipient doesn’t like it?

If you or the recipient don’t absolutely love it, we will refund you 100%.

Do you have a recommendation for how to display my portrait in my home?

Yes! There are many ways to display your portrait and the size of the portrait may determine the best way to display your art. For example, a small portrait may work better on a bookshelf or propped on a fireplace mantle rather than as a main art piece on the wall. Likewise, a medium portrait could work above a small fireplace or as a stand-alone piece while a large portrait would be perfect as a focal point on your wall, or anywhere in your home, especially if it’s something like a family portrait. Check out our size guide for more information about the portrait dimensions and a few sample images of portrait displays.

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