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Video: Gift-Wrapping Baby Seamus' Pencil Portrait

Behind the Scenes Video:

Packaging Baby Seamus' Portrait

One of our main goals at Grace Portraits is to make gift-giving a truly meaningful experience. We always say that we make giving the perfect gift easy - and we mean it. We handle everything, from helping you select the perfect photo to gift-wrapping your masterpiece in style.

This exclusive behind-the-scenes video shows our CEO Liz Grace gift-wrapping a portrait of adorable baby Seamus in a colorful, baby-themed animal paper. Liz and I work together each day to make sure every single detail is perfect before we ship our portraits to their destinations.

Liz shows her devotion through her actions - she still packages and monograms every portrait by hand in her office because she wants to make sure each Grace Portrait is impeccable from start to finish.

This devotion to each portrait is what sets us apart from the crowd and makes the Grace Portraits experience so unique. We take pride in every detail in the hopes that our portraits are hung in your home and treasured by your family for generations.

The portrait artist:

Nan LaCaille

(Read her guest post here)

Hi! My name is Nan LaCaille. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts, as well as, a work history in Design. My education and work experience has extended a love and appreciation for all arts. However, portraiture is my lifelong passion beginning the moment I picked up a pencil and before I could sign my own name.

While my father's side of the family is creative through and through, it is actually my mother that started me out on this portrait artist path. As a little girl she taught me to draw the profile of a teenybopper sporting a ponytail. Her mother, my grammy, was my biggest fan. The pink-walled kitchen a gallery for my faces. For the longest time I drew people out of magazines like National Geographic. As a young adult I began drawing those closest to me and also people posing at art studios.

These days it gives my heart the greatest pleasure to collaborate with people around the world!! I am creating personal portraits from Australia to Sweden and North Carolina to California, all having sentimental value and a place to be, a home... before I even apply the pencil to paper. Absolutely Beautiful! I feel so fortunate. Thank You for your support!

Any questions or feedback for Nan or Liz? Tell us in the comment section below!

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